Welcome to A4BOX!
Welcome to A4BOX!

Introducing The A4-BOX

A4-BOX is an induction cooking appliance like nothing you've seen before.

Versatile, Dynamic and Innovative, A4-Box brings your cooking experience to next level.

Perfect for smaller kitchens and easy to clean, A4-Box is smarter way to cook.

Elegant and modern design complements any decor and adds style to any kitchen.



UNIQUE Tray Switching System

We pride ourselves in providing a whole new cooking experience with unique TRAY SWITCHING SYSTEM.

A4-Box is the only induction cooker that comes with inbuilt pan that can be switched according to your cooking requirements. With 5 different pans you can cook any cuisine in style.

4 Different Temperature Settings.

A4-Box features four different temperature settings that means once you've cooked up a storm, keeping it warm is also a piece of cake.

WARM 65-80 Celsius    LOW 100-130 Celsius    MEDIUM 160-200 Celsius    HIGH 190-250 Celsius

With one simple temperature control knob, Changing cooking temperature is easy.

The A4BOX is suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

Non-Stick pans makes your cooking haselfree.

Enjoy a variety of cooking methods with our unbelievable tray switching method.

What sets the A4 Box apart from other similar appliances on the market?

Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Safe.

FREE Shipping To US

1 Year Warranty

Safe & Secure Checkouts

24/7 Support

We Are At Your Service


Perfect for travel trailers

Just tried it... does and works exactly as it says it does. I’m renovating a vintage airstream with high end fabricating and I bought two of these! I opted to only put in a fridge and bar sink/only do outdoor cooking and these are perfect for that along with the bbq! Works great with my inverter/generator! Plus when I’m not on the road they are a great addition at home when I don’t have enough space in my oven for big family meals like thanksgiving! Cannot say enough great things!

Megan D

Love this cooker! I had originally ordered this as a bridal shower gift. This became our stove, fryer, and was able to do some simple baking for crispy stuff like mini pizzas

Nicholas Maricic

I have been using the A4 Box for a few days and I love it. It has a small footprint but holds the same amount as a regular frying pan. The best thing I like about it is that there are no cold spots. Everything gets evenly cooked at the same time. It is now my go to for cooking everything.

Phyllis Jarvis

Fantastic tool

Love this gadget! I cook with it on my dining room table so that the kids get a show before mealtime! Was a little wary Nut buying something I saw in a Facebook ad, but the product is legit! Can’t wait to try out the other plates to see what recipes I can come up with! Definitely worth the buy!

Pei Yong

Undergoing a kitchen refresh and not having even I microwave I was at a loss without a stove that was until I came across A4box. I may very well keep this on my countertop! A4box is a one wonder.

Tony Joseph Kottoor

Great cooking device

I love this machine it’s excellent. It slow cooks well. Instructions need to come in English though!


Love it!

Since receiving my A4 Box, I have done all my cooking on it. No more greasy stove tops for me. I love this product.