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Moon Blue

A4-Box is a revolutionary new way to make all your favorite meals. Versatile and multifunctional, it features multiple non-stick cooking pans that are perfect for everything from grilling and sauteing to baking, all in one, compact, convenient and stylish package.

☑️ 1500W

☑️ 120v/60Hz

☑️ 4 Temperature Settings

☑️ Uniform Heating

☑️ 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty 


☑️ Smooth Pan

☑️ Ridged Grill

☑️ 6 Disc Pan

☑️ Octopus Ball Pan

☑️ Deep Pot

☑️ Cooking Accessories (Oven Mitts, Tablespoon, Teaspoon + Spatula)

☑️ Insulates Lid

☑️ Power Cord


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